Sunday, 24 March 2013

Here, start the first sharing of basic medical concept :D

What is appendix ?
Appendix is a worm like protrusion/diverticulum at the caecum( a part of our large intestine) .

Where is it located ? 
It is located at the lower part of the right side of abdominal wall.

What is appendicitis ? 
Basically , it is an inflammation or infection(can be bacteria infection) of the appendix.
          # -itis means inflammation  #

The early symptoms of appendicitis(for some cases)
1)pain around the navel which is not continuously 
2)feeling of vomiting or vomiting

In severe condition
1)extreme pain at the lower right part of the abdominal
2)unable to move yout thigh backward - cause extreme pain (for some cases)

There is a theory about after having a meal , we cannot simply run or jump because this will lead to appendicitis is NOT TRUE.
Doing exercise after a meal will lead to indigestion( incomplete digestion of foods in stomach) .

Treatment : appendicectomy - which is cutting of/remove the appendix from body.
There is a believe that removing appendix will repress our body immune system to a mild extend which will not really lead to any severe effects to our body :D 

Pls inform or comment if 
#any add on
#u want to know more about appendicitis
#any suggestions for me 
#any corrections
  #reference- BD Chaurasia's Human anatomy#


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