Thursday, 28 March 2013



#me and my roommate(yap kang wen) in the festival #

Basically it is an annual festival in india :D 
We got one day holiday , and yea~ we taste the festival !

There are few stories about this festival which i do not know which one is true ! 

1)According to someone , this festival is to celebrate the ending of winter and welcoming spring to come.This is because in the north part of India, people there always suffer from the coldness that could freeze them in no time !
#Leonard who was attacking by Darion>>see his face ! cruel ! #

2)This festival is meant to celebrate the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'.This colourful festival bridges the social gap and also renew sweet relationships among people :D
#BDS students, not exactly know them..but ..this pic looks nice ! :D #

Anyway ~ for students like us ..who care all those history or legend about this festival !! It's holiday time , it's our fun time ,  just enjoy la !! :DD
#some local Indian , see her hand ! so wrong @@ #

photos source : photographer- NgLeongJin
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