Saturday, 25 May 2013

Basic knowledge :D


And so ~ after a long long time , this blog now is like dying and being abandoned ... the reason behind is because i have been so busy recently and doesn't really get some time for internet....

Okay ~ now , upon the request of someone .... I am here today to clarify some terms used by people and the exact meaning of it :) 


- We have three types of muscle in our body 

A) Skeletal muscle eg- biceps ,triceps

Examples of muscles

Skeletal muscle normally have two parts

(i) fleshy part - is called Belly and is contractile 
(ii) fibrous part- is called tendon which is non contractile and in elastic

The red part is belly and the whitish part is tendon :)

B) Cardiac muscle - the muscle of heart

C) Smooth muscle eg- muscle of intestine ,muscle of stomach


Nerve is nothing but fibers that are supplying muscle ... So what is the term SUPPLY means ? 

Nerve of the face

The supply here means - the nerve fibers that carry impulses from the brain to the particular muscle , stimulate it and therefore help the muscle to carry out its movement (eg - flexion of biceps)

Artery is the distributing channels which carry blood away from the heart.

Almost all of the arteries are carrying oxygenated blood , but some are not. Therefore, strictly to be said we should not classify artery and vein by oxygenated and deoxygenated blood ...:D

 4) VEIN
Vein is the draining channels which carry blood from different parts of the body.

Vein with valves

Almost all of the vein carry deoxgenated blood ,same like artery , some carry oxygenated blood :) 

Examples of veins in thigh , leg , foot 

Lymphatic system is essentially a drainage system which is accessory to the venous system :D 

It have its channels(vessel) , its central lymphoid tissue and lymphoid organs(eg spleen , lymph nodes)

The lymphatic system

Function : 

(i) play a role in immune function of body 
(ii) help in digestion by absorbing fats from foods in intestine

Skeleton includes bones and cartilages. 
Skeleton forms main supporting framework of the body.

Front view of human skeleton

Skeleton provide surface for the attachment of muscles, tendon and ligament.
It store 97% of calcium and phosphorus.

normal adult human - we have 206 bones

Ligament are fibrous bands which connect the adjacent bones.

Example of ligament in knee joint

We have many types of ligament being classified by their compositions or their relations to the joints ( between bones) 

Normally ligament are tough and unyeilding , at the same time also flexible and pliant. :D 

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Contraceptive methods

     Oh yeah we are going to learn something that many guys eager to know so much so they can ....................Please note that this is for medical knowledge sharing purpose issue kay ? :P

Dictionary of the day
conception -becoming pregnancy
contraception-prevention of pregnancy

#2 Contraceptive methods in male and female

#sweet couple #

Yeah ~ so , u want to have sexual intercourse but u dont want to have a baby ! How we can do that easily ?
Don't worry , don't panic!
 Here is some methods i would like to share with u all  :D 

Male contraceptive methods :) 

1) Barrier mathod 
>>using of condom 
>>This prevent the sperm to deposit in vagina 
>> Protection against sexually transmitted disease eg: AIDS , Gonorrhoea


>>This method have high chance of preventing fertilization of sperm with female's ovum BUT ... there is also a very less chance of probability for sperms to leak out from the condom and go into vagina.

2)withdrawal method 
>>Withdraw your penis from vagina before ejaculation(before sperm coming out)
>> This method usually not so effective and always fail to carry out

3) usage of particular kind of drugs 
>> This is not recommended because the drug is too toxic to be used clinically

4) vasectomy
>>Bilateral ligation of vas deferens ( cutting of the important duct which sperms will pass through)

# vasectomy , a permanent effect of preventing pregnancy #

Female contraceptive method :) 

1)conventional method
(A) use of diaphragm + spermicide(substance that kill sperm)

#Diaphragm + spermicide , how is it put into vagina  ? u can go google search :P #

>> This combination is put it into female's vagina and therefore no sperm will pass through above the level of insertion and spermicide kills sperms 

(B) calendar method
>>Involve confinement of sexual intercourse to safe period only ! 
>>1 to 28 days is the period of time of each menstrual cycle in female ( staring from day 1 - blood discharge from vagina ) 
>>It is been told that from the 11th to 16th days , is the fertile period where u better dont have sex at that time if u don't want a children!!
>> This method is again not so effective because for some female the period(days) of menstrual cycle may varies

2) contraceptive pills 

>>Is not suggested as it have side effects for female 
>>We have many different types of pills which i will not explain here :P 

3)Intrauterine device
>>Implantation of a foreign body ( a piece of metal or plastic ) into uterus

#T-shape device is inserted into uterine cavity #

>> Bilateral ligation of fallopian tube/uterine tube 

#This is a permanent effect to prevent pregnancy #

After knowing this all ... i hope you should have some ideas about contraceptive right ? 
Hope you are enjoying this ! :D 

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Kaup beach ~

Yea, basically it is a beach near Manipal , India .... And it is the second beach i have visited within this half year of medical life...

Compare to the first beach i have visited - "Malpe beach" ...the special part of this beach is it has a light house where Malpe don't have....

The light house is awesome ! The journey to the top of the tower was not easy for me , i am afraid of height and you expect me to have no problem walking up and down from the spiral staircase ?! I was sticking to the wall from the beginning until i reach the top ... terrible ~ but it was satisfying when i taste the strong wind running through my face ~ passing through every parts of my body :D 

Visiting a beach may not be special or enjoying's depending on who you are with....

We medical student have been busy day and night ...unstoppable tests , unstoppable presentations ..just a glimpse of eyes the block exam comes again ....T.T

Luckily , I have a bunch of friends who are willing to sacrifice their precious time even our class tests are coming so so soon :D 

I am here to thanks everyone of my friends in Manipal .... 
You all made my life special 
You all made some unforgettable memories of me
You all teach me how to cope with stress 

Also specially thanks to few friends ... who always be my side ...encourage me when i am down ...i will not mention your names will know , and i am sure about it :) 

Enjoying the stress is a skill , you may think we are having so much fun in India .... yes ! It is true ..but u may not understand the bitterness we have tasted in India also
    # Especially when DEAN enter your class, u will get heart attack ! #

Studying medicine is not easy ! But please , don't try to avoid it because you scare ..remember ! you are not alone ! :D 

Photos credit to ~ Ivan ,Elyn , Cheesian
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Thursday, 28 March 2013



#me and my roommate(yap kang wen) in the festival #

Basically it is an annual festival in india :D 
We got one day holiday , and yea~ we taste the festival !

There are few stories about this festival which i do not know which one is true ! 

1)According to someone , this festival is to celebrate the ending of winter and welcoming spring to come.This is because in the north part of India, people there always suffer from the coldness that could freeze them in no time !
#Leonard who was attacking by Darion>>see his face ! cruel ! #

2)This festival is meant to celebrate the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'.This colourful festival bridges the social gap and also renew sweet relationships among people :D
#BDS students, not exactly know them..but ..this pic looks nice ! :D #

Anyway ~ for students like us ..who care all those history or legend about this festival !! It's holiday time , it's our fun time ,  just enjoy la !! :DD
#some local Indian , see her hand ! so wrong @@ #

photos source : photographer- NgLeongJin
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Here, start the first sharing of basic medical concept :D

What is appendix ?
Appendix is a worm like protrusion/diverticulum at the caecum( a part of our large intestine) .

Where is it located ? 
It is located at the lower part of the right side of abdominal wall.

What is appendicitis ? 
Basically , it is an inflammation or infection(can be bacteria infection) of the appendix.
          # -itis means inflammation  #

The early symptoms of appendicitis(for some cases)
1)pain around the navel which is not continuously 
2)feeling of vomiting or vomiting

In severe condition
1)extreme pain at the lower right part of the abdominal
2)unable to move yout thigh backward - cause extreme pain (for some cases)

There is a theory about after having a meal , we cannot simply run or jump because this will lead to appendicitis is NOT TRUE.
Doing exercise after a meal will lead to indigestion( incomplete digestion of foods in stomach) .

Treatment : appendicectomy - which is cutting of/remove the appendix from body.
There is a believe that removing appendix will repress our body immune system to a mild extend which will not really lead to any severe effects to our body :D 

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  #reference- BD Chaurasia's Human anatomy#

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


 Friends, which is the essential element that someone need the most.
Friends, is the only support when u are far from ur family....
Friends, have the only love that it wont fade out after going thru many tasks.....
The life in manipal, india will be so nasty and miserable if i have no any friends here..
Some may play important roles in my life here , some may not -but being an accessory. 
Without them , the life here wont be perfect , no matter how high achievement u reach in ur future..
no matter how rich u going to be... it is just ur own story that no one will share ur
 happiness there in the mamak stall  : D

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The newbie

Formal Introduction;
 name :        chua siong keat ( i prefer ppl call me Keat )
 status:         single
occupation:  student
hobby :         basketball

I am a student who is currently studying in MMMC . In this blog , i am going to share all my experiences, my life , memories and maybe some opinions :D
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#may not update frequently#