Thursday, 18 April 2013

Contraceptive methods

     Oh yeah we are going to learn something that many guys eager to know so much so they can ....................Please note that this is for medical knowledge sharing purpose issue kay ? :P

Dictionary of the day
conception -becoming pregnancy
contraception-prevention of pregnancy

#2 Contraceptive methods in male and female

#sweet couple #

Yeah ~ so , u want to have sexual intercourse but u dont want to have a baby ! How we can do that easily ?
Don't worry , don't panic!
 Here is some methods i would like to share with u all  :D 

Male contraceptive methods :) 

1) Barrier mathod 
>>using of condom 
>>This prevent the sperm to deposit in vagina 
>> Protection against sexually transmitted disease eg: AIDS , Gonorrhoea


>>This method have high chance of preventing fertilization of sperm with female's ovum BUT ... there is also a very less chance of probability for sperms to leak out from the condom and go into vagina.

2)withdrawal method 
>>Withdraw your penis from vagina before ejaculation(before sperm coming out)
>> This method usually not so effective and always fail to carry out

3) usage of particular kind of drugs 
>> This is not recommended because the drug is too toxic to be used clinically

4) vasectomy
>>Bilateral ligation of vas deferens ( cutting of the important duct which sperms will pass through)

# vasectomy , a permanent effect of preventing pregnancy #

Female contraceptive method :) 

1)conventional method
(A) use of diaphragm + spermicide(substance that kill sperm)

#Diaphragm + spermicide , how is it put into vagina  ? u can go google search :P #

>> This combination is put it into female's vagina and therefore no sperm will pass through above the level of insertion and spermicide kills sperms 

(B) calendar method
>>Involve confinement of sexual intercourse to safe period only ! 
>>1 to 28 days is the period of time of each menstrual cycle in female ( staring from day 1 - blood discharge from vagina ) 
>>It is been told that from the 11th to 16th days , is the fertile period where u better dont have sex at that time if u don't want a children!!
>> This method is again not so effective because for some female the period(days) of menstrual cycle may varies

2) contraceptive pills 

>>Is not suggested as it have side effects for female 
>>We have many different types of pills which i will not explain here :P 

3)Intrauterine device
>>Implantation of a foreign body ( a piece of metal or plastic ) into uterus

#T-shape device is inserted into uterine cavity #

>> Bilateral ligation of fallopian tube/uterine tube 

#This is a permanent effect to prevent pregnancy #

After knowing this all ... i hope you should have some ideas about contraceptive right ? 
Hope you are enjoying this ! :D 

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  1. why yr blog post no title??
    and u should include the failure rates for each and every contraceptive methods in order for readers to compare the effectiveness~ =)

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