Friday, 5 April 2013

Kaup beach ~

Yea, basically it is a beach near Manipal , India .... And it is the second beach i have visited within this half year of medical life...

Compare to the first beach i have visited - "Malpe beach" ...the special part of this beach is it has a light house where Malpe don't have....

The light house is awesome ! The journey to the top of the tower was not easy for me , i am afraid of height and you expect me to have no problem walking up and down from the spiral staircase ?! I was sticking to the wall from the beginning until i reach the top ... terrible ~ but it was satisfying when i taste the strong wind running through my face ~ passing through every parts of my body :D 

Visiting a beach may not be special or enjoying's depending on who you are with....

We medical student have been busy day and night ...unstoppable tests , unstoppable presentations ..just a glimpse of eyes the block exam comes again ....T.T

Luckily , I have a bunch of friends who are willing to sacrifice their precious time even our class tests are coming so so soon :D 

I am here to thanks everyone of my friends in Manipal .... 
You all made my life special 
You all made some unforgettable memories of me
You all teach me how to cope with stress 

Also specially thanks to few friends ... who always be my side ...encourage me when i am down ...i will not mention your names will know , and i am sure about it :) 

Enjoying the stress is a skill , you may think we are having so much fun in India .... yes ! It is true ..but u may not understand the bitterness we have tasted in India also
    # Especially when DEAN enter your class, u will get heart attack ! #

Studying medicine is not easy ! But please , don't try to avoid it because you scare ..remember ! you are not alone ! :D 

Photos credit to ~ Ivan ,Elyn , Cheesian
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  1. soo jealous... feel like going thr leh~~~

    1. haha ! come come ... oversea study is more syok than stay in malaysia..seriously :P

    2. obviously more fun la.. but, bo $$ how to go neh?? but i applied ed.. see how lu.... >_< then u bring me to all these places ok? LOL..

    3. lol bring ? haha..dont worry ..u and ur classmate will go :P need me teach u all also will know ...u study in malaysia also very expensive ..not much different ><